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How much is delivery for firewood and landscaping materials?

The delivery fee calculation is based on the time elapsed to reach the delivery location. We use the estimation from Google Maps to determine the approximate time. The start point is our retail yard at 242 Beaver Bank Rd.

Effective on April 24, 2023

🔥 Firewood Delivery Fees 🔥

up to 15 Mins -Zone 1- No additional charge

16 to 25 Mins -Zone 2- $50

26 to 40 Mins -Zone3- $85

🌷 Landscaping Materials Delivery Fees 🌷

0 to 5 Mins -Zone 0- $40

5 to 15 Mins -Zone 1- $70

15 to 25 Mins -Zone2- $100

26 to 40 Mins -Zone3- $135

🚚Maximum Truck Capacity🚚

Firewood: 3 Cords per trip

Red and Black Mulch: 20 -25 Yards per trip

Natural Mulch: 16 Yards per trip

Stone, Gravel and Soils: 6 Yards per trip

💡if multiple trips are necessarily required, our staff will help you calculate the fee.

💡Please note that other criteria may put you in another delivery zone.

If you want a guaranteed delivery price, please call us or use our Request A Quote form.

🌟 Thank you for choosing us for your firewood and landscaping needs! We look forward to delivering quality products right to your doorstep!


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