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About Us

We are a family business with a forestry background that focuses on quality, locally sourced products. We are a  very hands on company where being outdoors is a key component of our jobs and our lively hood.

Our family has been in forestry for several generations. Barrett Enterprises was formed in
1973 when our father David Barrett thought it would be a good idea to incorporate a company where his children could learn about family business and at the same time provide opportunities for all our family members. With a focus on quality local products we started selling firewood, expanded into forest harvesting, then specialized in land clearing for power lines, housing lots, roads and subdivisions and added chipping to provide a more environmentally responsible solution for our land clearing clients. It had been common practice to pile up all of the brush and low grade material when clearing land and simply burn it to get rid of it. After researching alternatives, we purchased a European wood chipper and started chipping in 1986. This allowed us to turn the land clearing waste material into quality chips that displaced oil as fuel to heat local hospitals and greenhouses. While the right thing to do, markets for land clearing and for chip sales turned out to be extremely volatile and we would go from working flat out to supply our customers to having no chip sales for months. In 2006, to secure more stable work for ourselves and our employees we expanded the 8' firewood part of the business to include the sale and delivery of cut and split firewood. Over the next decade this grew to become a major part of our business. As the community grew around us we started retailing our firewood at our woodyard at 242 Beaver Bank Road to offer people the opportunity to pick up their firewood whether they wanted a bag, a trunk load or several cords. Over time we added mulches that were made by others out of our woodchips or firewood byproducts. At customer requests we added garden soil, then gravels and stone, with a focus on locally produced products. Each year we work on improvements based on our customers’ comments. While at times progress seems slow, when I look back at what we have achieved over the past decades I am amazed at how far we have come.

About Us Anchor

We have 4 different delivery trucks.  Each one excels in its’ own area of specialization.

  • Our bright red 1 cord 4 wheel drive truck is good for deliveries in tight places.  It is the truck we send if you need the wood dumped in a tight spot or you have a challenging location where the 4 wheel drive may be needed.   It can deliver 1/2 or 1 cord.

  • Our White 2 cord truck is quite short and compact and while it is not as small as our 1 cord truck it can get in and out of fairly tight spaces. It can deliver 1,  1 1/2 or  2 cords.

  • We have two 3 cord trucks. One is our 1993 Green Ford L8000 better known as “Old Faithful”.  While we do not use it as much any more it allows us to keep up with deliveries when things get busy. It can deliver 1,  1 1/2,  2,  2 1/2, or 3 cords.

  • Our newest truck is a 2015 Peterbilt cab over.  It is short and can fit into tighter spaces than “Old Faithful”.  It can deliver 1,  1 1/2,  2,  2 1/2, or 3 cords.

We pick our gear carefully and keep it for years. It is not uncommon for there to be over 30
years between our oldest and newest equipment. From our various delivery trucks designed to get into tight spots in customers’ yards to continuously improving the capabilities of our production gear we are always making improvements to our capabilities.

Our Gear

Our Gear

What People Are Saying

Black Soil

Leah Kenny Rigby

Great location for stone, mulch and garden soil. Employees are very friendly and cautious with the front end loader. Highly recommend!


Fengwen Wan

Barrett Firewood made my first firewood building experience simple. They set me up with their firewood bag and gave me advice on how to set up my fire. My experience was very enjoyable.

Cut Wood

Brian Lowe

I have been I long time customer for many years. Their firewood always burns exceptionally well and their staff always go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction.

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