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Firewood Buying Tip - Know The Size You Need

Know the size of firewood you want. If you are running a wood furnace you will likely want big wood 16″ to 32″. The wood furnace gets lit once in the fall and is kept burning all winter. If you don’t keep your fire burning every day, you will need more small pieces of firewood to use each time you light the fire. Trying to start a fire when you only have large pieces, or wet wood, is very frustrating and spoils what should be an easy and enjoyable experience. Having a lot of small firewood means your fire will burn very hot and very quick. This is ideal if you have a large masonry fireplace with good thermal storage capabilities but will keep you busy feeding the fire if you do not have a way to keep the heat once your fire goes out. The size of your woodstove or fireplace will also dictate both the length and diameter of wood you need. While 16 “ is a standard length for many local producers, some woodstoves and ranges can only take 12″ or 14″ wood. Not all suppliers can meet your needs. Make sure your supplier knows what you need before you order.

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