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Firewood Buying Tip - Ask How Many Cubic Feet of Firewood You Will Have When It's Delivered

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Ask the supplier “How many cubic feet will I have when I stack and measure it in my yard.” This allows you to more accurately compare prices.

Some less scrupulous suppliers have been known to hang up on customers when they realize the customer may measure the wood. If a supplier measures their cords before the wood is cut and split you will typically receive between 100 and 115 cubic feet piled in your yard. If they measure it after it is cut and split you should receive 128 cubic feet when it is stacked in your yard. Even if the firewood shows up loose piled on a truck you can still determine if the amount is close before it is dumped by measuring the loose volume.

The State of Maine have regulations that define a cord of loose piled 12″ to 16″ firewood as 180 cubic feet and 24″ firewood as 195 cubic feet. I was told this was based on 8′ wood so when we did a test in our wood yard loading 1 cord of 16″ wood loosely in our truck I was not surprised when it measured 188.5 cubic feet. So a few quick measurements and a calculator will tell you if what you are receiving is close to what was promised before it is dumped.

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