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Firewood Buying Tip - Ask When The Wood Will Be Delivered

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

When will the wood be delivered? This is an area where checking a company’s reputation pays off. While all companies have breakdowns, some are extremely optimistic about their delivery dates. Two weeks become four weeks and then suddenly that wood that you thought would have lots of time to dry is six weeks late and green. Ordering early reduces the impact of this problem. Avoid the fall rush by getting your wood early so even if there is a fall shortage you should be ok. Spring and summer deliveries give you more time to fully dry the wood and even if your delivery is delayed you will still have time to dry your wood before you need to use it.

At Barrett Firewood we book orders in advance. While we encourage you to order your wood in the spring we know this is not always possible. We have many customers who call us in April or May to book their delivery in September or October. We lay out our delivery calendar for the whole year and start to fill it by early April so when you call we can tell you within a 4 hour time frame when you can expect your delivery to arrive. We also do a followup call 2 or 3 days in advance of your deliver and our drivers will call you prior to leaving the yard.

On the day of delivery it is very important to answer the call from the driver as the truck does not leave the yard unless we know there is someone waiting to receive the load. Personal emergencies happen, we are quite willing to work with our customers on rescheduling but if we cannot get in touch with you we have to assume you had an emergency and had to leave .


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