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Heavy Equipment Operator

Hours per week: 45 to 55 hours per week

Hourly wage: $24.00 to $ 32.00/Hour, for an experienced Operator

$19.00 to $27.00/Hour, for an Operator with basic skills

Work Location: 242 Beaver Bank Road, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

We are looking for a heavy equipment operator who enjoys operating both old and new equipment. Some with enclosed cabs, some open to the air. Most of your time will be on a modified Rotobec 80 Elite feeding our firewood processor in Beaver Bank, NS. This takes a light touch and a quick mind. To me, it is one of the best jobs in the operation. I love the fresh air, the view from 17 feet up and the challenge of getting just the right amount of wood in the processor. If you have good hand-eye coordination, like running equipment and love 3D puzzles we should talk.


• Good depth perception and situational awareness

• A basic knowledge of firewood and able to identify the common types of hardwood found locally

• Physically fit with good balance and able to climb ladders

• Mechanically inclined and able to do basic maintenance and minor repairs on equipment

• Good judgement (able to safely operate equipment without endangering people or equipment)

• Willing to work outdoors in all weather conditions

• Adherence to safety procedures, not accident prone or forgetful

• Demonstrated honesty, reliability and solid work history

• Demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team

• Ability to record production, fuel usage and down time accurately and legibly

∙ Able to work with minimal supervision

• Must provide own steel-toed safety boots and work gloves

• No smoking or strongly scented products allowed in our vehicles, on our work site, or in company buildings

Preference will be give to those who:

• Have good attention to detail

• Are able to safely operate a variety of equipment

• Are capable of equipment maintenance and repair

Please provide a resume to:

Barrett Firewood

Mail: 20 Maplewood Court, Beaver Bank, NS B4G 1B6



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