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Firewood Stacker

(Part Time, Flexible Hours)

Wage: $14.50 to $18.00/Hour

Work Location: 242 Beaver Bank Road, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

We are looking for a part time firewood stacker to stack our cut and split firewood in bins and self supporting rows. The wood comes split in 12" to 16" lengths and is dumped on the ground adjacent to where it is to be stacked.

What people like about the job:

• You get to work outside

• You get to be physically active while also using your mind.

• People who like 3D puzzles often enjoy the challenge of stacking firewood

• Hours are flexible and you don’t have to work on rainy days

• While this is an entry level job, based on a person’s skills and interests we cross train our

employees on other jobs/equipment in our operation allowing them to

a) gain exposure to various career paths, learning which jobs interest them and

which do not

b) gain experience operating and/or doing basic maintenance on a variety of gear

c) other potential jobs include: equipment cleanup, bagging stone and mulch,

serving customers and keeping the yard clean and organized

Job Requirements:

• Be Physically fit with good stamina, good balance and be able to lift at least 50 pounds

(23 Kg) on occasion, most pieces of firewood weight between ½ to 20 pounds (0.25 to

10 Kg).

• Be able to work with minimal supervision and keep up a quick pace when working on

your own

• Willing to work outdoors. Note: With planning on your part the job should be able to be

completed without working in the rain

• The ability to quickly learn to consistently pile firewood in a manner so it will shed water

and the piles will not fall over

• The ability to fill our bins and construct rows to the specified size to ensure every

customer gets the right quantity of firewood

• Be able to (after training) identify and sort out pieces of wood that do not meet the

company’s specifications

• Help clean up debris and wood that does not meet the company’s specifications

• Demonstrate reliability and willingness to work

• Able to record your production and time accurately and legibly

• Able to work safely and adhere to safety procedures

• Must provide own steel-toed safety boots and work gloves

• No smoking or strongly scented products allowed in our vehicles, on our work site, or in

company buildings

Preferred but not necessary to:

• Have a love for working outdoors

• Prompt and polite with the ability to help customers if necessary

• Are willing to help with other parts of the operation and possibly operate other


• Have good attention to detail, and time management skills

• Morning people often do better at this job, especially during the summer

Please provide resume and references to:

Barrett Firewood

Mail: 20 Maplewood Court, Beaver Bank, NS B4G 1B6


Fax: 902-865-7000


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