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Heavy Equipment Operator

Hours per week: 45 to 55 hours per week

Hourly wage: $24.00 to $ 32.00/Hour, for an experienced Operator

$19.00 to $27.00/Hour, for an Operator with basic skills

Work Location: 242 Beaver Bank Road, Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

We are looking for a heavy equipment operator who enjoys operating both old and new equipment. Some with enclosed cabs, some open to the air. Most of your time will be on a modified Rotobec 80 Elite feeding our firewood processor in Beaver Bank, NS. This takes a light touch and a quick mind. To me it is one of the best jobs in the operation. I love the fresh air, the view from 17 feet up and the challenge of getting just the right amount of wood in the processor. If you have good hand eye coordination, like running equipment and love 3D puzzles we should talk.


• Good depth perception and situational awareness

• A basic knowledge of firewood and able to identify the common types of hardwood found locally

• Physically fit with good balance and able to climb ladders

• Mechanically inclined and able to do basic maintenance and minor repairs on equipment

• Good judgement (able to safely operate equipment without endangering people or equipment)

• Willing to work outdoors in all weather conditions

• Adherence to safety procedures, not accident prone or forgetful

• Demonstrated honesty, reliability and solid work history

• Demonstrated ability to work well as part of a team

• Ability to record production, fuel usage and down time accurately and legibly

∙ Able to work with minimal supervision

• Must provide own steel-toed safety boots and work gloves

• No smoking or strongly scented products allowed in our vehicles, on our work site, or in company buildings

Preference will be give to those who:

• Have good attention to detail

• Are able to safely operate a variety of equipment

• Are capable of equipment maintenance and repair

Please provide resume to:

Barrett Firewood

Mail: 20 Maplewood Court, Beaver Bank, NS B4G 1B6



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